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Morning Routine

The Key Is To Infrastructure Your Day... Build Your Momentum in the Morning

Everyday is going to throw something new at you, that's not something you can control. What you do have control over is HOW you prepare yourself. Are you taking time to check yourself, exploring how many minutes you might need to build momentum for yourself in the morning.

It's about creating a positive headspace - when you first wake up, before you get on your phone, or run to the bathroom. Hit pause, and leverage the time for yourself to really soak in the positive energy.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” – Jack Ma

Life is a constant go. There is no perfect day, or perfect state - where you no longer have to worry about finding your vibe, and recharging yourself.

Everything is a spectrum. Mental Health, Physical Health, and especially momentum. Our job is to chip away at things day by day, exploring.

Think of it like maintanence,

waking up and plugging in good vibes, things your grateful for (gratitudes), personal affirmations (positive self statements), your mindset and perspective on the day will shift. It might not last ALL day, but it will give a boost.

Build your own. Practice. Tweak. Whatever your process is, make it happen, whether it's making a mental list, writing them down, saying it outloud.... A set list, or adjusting daily, find your balance, explore your momentum.

Infrastructure Your Morning

Focus on finessing the vibe, and really taking a step back. Before you can hit the ground running you must be intentional.

Rise and Align

Set your intentions to Rise and Align your day, first by focusing on your morning.

Keep it tangible.

The first 5 minutes, 7 minutes,

it could even be 2.

Whatever your vibe is. Explore it.



Embrace Your Limitless Potential!

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