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Mindset = Grindset

You are what you think and Act on. It Starts inside.

DO YOU. You matter. The Moves matter. Realize, without the Mindset for it (success on your own terms) you cannot actualize and act on the things you want.

"There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed. Its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time." - Malcolm X

In life, unlike sport or institutional education, winning and losing CAN be clear cut, but it can also (and often times IS) less clear. You might have to read between the lines. You might have to wait longer to find out the real impact or outcome. On this journey of life, it is all about winning the War not just the one fight or battle. Things add up, they compound, and the exponential growth, effects or opportunity, oftentimes take time to bear fruit.

When in doubt, #Endure

The vibe is critical, however if you are not aware of it (your own, those around you or and or the space's) you will miss out on staying grounded.

As a fact of life, things happen.

Things we want.

Things we do not want.

Things we have not thought of yet.

We do not have all the power to control everything around us, in terms of WHAT they do to us, but we do have power to control how we respond.

In this new age we must pay extreme attention to our #Mindset - how/what we adapt, believe, perceive, prioritize, think and respond. All of these impact our action.

They impact our #Success.

They impact our #Happiness.

There is no action, without intention. There is no consistent or sustainable Grind or Growth without a #Mindset. You can build it. You can practice it.

It is no small task. It is no easy task. But it is a task just for you.

You must #Work at it daily. You must practice #Patience daily.

It is about #Honouring yourself.

What you #Wish to come to pass, starts #Inside.

Do you #Believe ?

Are you #Ready to take action?

To refine our #Mindset, we must #Invest in it daily.

Invest with #Affirmations (things you

Invest with #Gratitudes

Invest with #Mindfulness

Invest with #Boundaries

Invest with #Priorities

Invest where and how you #SpendYourTime

Invest in #How you speak to yourself, and #HowOften you do it.

Your #Mindset


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