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The Reasons You Can’t Find Balance

Balance, in the way you were taught, does not exist. The game becomes, how do you manage being Off balance with Intention

Let's be real - there is always something you can be doing. Homework. Housework. Self Work. Spending time with family, friends or other loved ones. Reading. Even relaxing and just doing nothing. It would not matter if we had unlimited time to experience and get things done. Life is finite - we're here until we're not. We can do things until we cannot, and we can only do so much at one time.

It is really a conversation about #boundaryconditions and #priorities. Create ways to honour yourself and the work- whatever it is that needs to be completed.

This whole thing about "balance" , needing to have your life all in order, being neat and tidy with your time and is a nice theory....but when you apply it to action, when you look at case studies and real world examples of busy, teachers, writers, leaders, builders, creators and innovators - they show something different. They function in an "off balance", "all in" or, high energy, intensity and focus on ONE aspect, before shifting to focus on the next. It is frustrating, to have a long list of "to-do's", which only continues to get bigger with each day. As you check one or two off, it seems like 3 or 4 new things pop up. There is always something chipping away to take up your #time.

That is really be in the driver seat. You must explore and build a process of getting things done that makes sense to you. Determine what your #values are, reflect on what your #priorities , #needs and #boundaries are. Be realistic with the different needs that come with the roles you fill along with the parts of your identity. Are you a parent, do you work, do you have bills you need to pay...your core needs must be met.

Once you have a baseline. A foundation. This can become the sense of what grounds you (the core things you care about). That way when it comes to getting things done, you are able to break the "to-dos" apart, compartmentalize, - taking 20, 45 or 60 minutes to chip away at the work, before shifting to the next thing.... Or maybe you feel there are certain parts of your work where you need to put in 2 hours straight before taking a break....and once you're done you have to do more work, before going outside to get fresh air.


You could be someone who needs to go for a run or walk in between phone-calls/meetings, or needs to do jumping jacks to switch up your energy. Whatever you need to hone your focus. Sharpen your attention and productivity. DO IT.

This is about #Intention.

To Get things done. To leverage your true #balance. You must bring #intention into your to dos. Break them out. Don't let the mountain of work, get too big and daunting that it becomes overwhelming. Don't allow yourself to get caught into the "too many things" trap.

Break it out. BE SMART.

You must stop. You must listen.

Focus on each step. Each move. Be Specific.

How ever it is that you need to slow things down, to focus and to get your energy into things, Do it.

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