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Self Care - The Unbalanced Dance

Self care is a conversation that starts from BEING REAL with ourselves. Once we begin to do that, we move towards a place of being more grounded, relaxed and in a more sustainable position for long term success.

How can you fill other's cups once yours is full?

Defined as anything you do to be good to yourself - this is one of the most under highlighted, left out of the lime light, off to the side type topics.

How often are we challenged to "relax" "stay calm", "take time for yourself", "don't do too much".... and all other types of phrases and statements that tell us to hit Pause.

Trust me, all of this is needed. It's true.

But why aren't we all making it a priority? Why do we focus so much on being busy, taking care of business, finding and securing more contracts, more hours, or capitalizing on more opportunities....

A cleaner room. Eating more a day. Taking moments of pause, or meditation. Saying/writing self affirmations or personal gratifications... Explore your process.

The truth is, we rarely have the conversation about WHY self care is import, and not only important but a crucial part of us being successful.

When we take a step back, I'm sure we can all agree, things happen that we don't like, just as much as things happen that we don't have control over. What we do have control over is our ability to self regulate - explore what we need, how we feel and why.

Impact - in OUR DAILY LIVES -

We need to recharge

We need to feel whole, to feel confident, to feel good.

It starts with self care.



Pay attention.

We know what we need, we know how we feel - around others, in situations and spaces. Our ability to pay attention and be aware of what we need is crucial - key. If we don't do this, if we don't accept this challenge, we face a risk of burning out.

Not right away,

But slowly.

Bit by bit.

Everyday adds up.

The vibes.

The energy.

Will drop. Shift and be challenged.

It is on us, to find and explore what our boundaries are, to find who and what fills us up, drains us, and what things help us hit pause.

Challenge yourself to explore and feel when you're on the go, be aware and in-tuned with what's going on. Don't just show up, BE. Don't go through the motions. Be aware, Be present.

Everyday you will be challenged, to do more, to do less... FIND your flow.

We Must find how we need to pause, why and when. Explore it.

We Must find how we need to love ourselves, how and when. Explore it.

We Must find how we can create more opportunities to just BE. Explore it.

We Must make ourselves a priority. We matter.

Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual.

Our Health Depends on it.

Explore Self Care.

Self Care is one of the most important discoveries we have the opportunity to leverage in our lives. Without it, eventually we all break.

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