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Journey of Life

Patience, Persistence and Faith in yourself.

This Journey of Life is constant, ever changing and uncertain.

"We are each the Architects of our Lives, the designers of our Journey"

Now you must consider all roads before you...but the journey must not linger in deliberation

As we give way to this journey of life, taking our first steps... We rarely are taught about our foundation. The relationship between action and theory. Or the reality of understanding to consider all of your options, and through the lens of opportunity cost evaluate the weight and outcome of each decision. Along with this part of the process, to understand that to deliberate - to wait - looking for what option is the safest, smartest, and most fruitful - holds a cost on its own.

Challenge Yourself to Identify your Options. Then Challenge Yourself to take action rather than lingering.

Love your design, have faith in your process.

Not all things come as you expect, patience, persistence and faith in yourself will ensure that you will be in the right spot, at the right time for you to take the next step - by design.

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