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Choose Wisdom over Rath

Hit the pause button and Respond - Leverage your Power

Wisdom & Pace

Hit the pause button and finesse the space

One of the most difficult things can be to be in a space or environment where there are antagonistic personalities, situations and circumstances. Especially when you're being triggered - by the actions, words and vibes of others or your surroundings!

Could you just vent ?Call them out? Leave?

Anything but be in the space, the vibe....nah...if the vibe isn't right why stay?

But wait, remember the fact that you must be respectful, diplomatic, professional...

And this thing called accountability... Plus the vision ( whatever you're north star is - personally, professionally).... And the purpose of why you're in the room to begin with. All of that can become jeopardized if you *RE*act.

Respond vs React.

When stuck in these situations....before Reacting to your environment - hit the pause button and dig deep.

Why are you here?

What do you bring?

Where is your power?



Respond to your environment.

It's not easy.

It's not a should.

It's a challenge. Everyday. At all times. In all situations or with all people.

But you're worth it.

It's literally draining. Being in these spaces and having to be mindful...keeping your power

Whatever it is. Make sure that you create a process to ground yourself. You will be challenged. You will be uncomfortable. Life will hit you with a combo.... It's your move to decide how you Respond.

Hit Pause.

Choose Wisdom



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