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The Leveragable Move

It's not about getting everyone around the table. It's about getting the Right people. If you can achieve in 10 moves what others can in 100. Who will be further ahead?

Leverage the Moment

Turn One Move into Twenty Five - time

One of the things I'm coming to terms with more and more is the fact that we all (people around the world) have the same time - within a day, a week, a month or year. By the same vibe, we have the same time and energy each day - to do whatever we choose. Of Course, we must still be realistic . We have work. Rules. Obligations...


the question becomes....How do we get more out of the moments we do have?

The answer.


I heard someone say "It takes the same time and energy to make $1 million as to make $10 million or $100 million..."

Did they ever talk about Leverage in class?

You know, that thing that takes one move and creates impact with multiple outcomes.

The concept- the idea - the practice of Leverage, is something that if you want to

Make Moves, Build Momentum - and anything in between.

Leaving a Legacy...

All of this comes back to one thing. Making the most of what you have. You don't need to have 100 meetings if you can have 50 to get the same result. You don't need to stress about needing to meet 1000 of the right people, if you can link with 100 people who have your back. Or 10 people who are avid supporters.

You don't need to work 40 hours a week for x amount of dollars if you can work fewer to make the same. The same way you don't need to

You don't have to come from money,

have already invented "it",

built a company,

won the race...

It starts from being Grounded. being Intentional, and being Authentic.

Don't look to chase momentum, money, or a better state of being.

Chip away at it, and be Intentional.

With each step, the opportunity to move ahead, learn and grow.

The question I've been battling over...internally...

Why burn myself out, forcing, pushing, challenging, when I can build towards and attract the outcome.

Reverse Engineer - Work backwards.

Take a step back. Play the Bigger Game. Everything can Lead to Something bigger. Everything Can Be Leveraged.

If we have the same time and energy.

The question becomes WHERE and HOW do we spend our time and energy?

Are we turning this action, this class or this opportunity into something that will impact us in multiple ways - multiple outcomes - multiple opportunities?

or are we acting in ways that result in one outcome per one opportunity.

Get that meeting. Turn it into a partnership. Build a program - get experience - test something new. Don't just conform to doing a task or going through the motions.

Don't be Greedy. Be Intentional.

Leverage Your Time & Energy.

What is Your Attitude & Mindset?

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